Why Scribe with EPPA

Why Scribe with EPPA?

Our Company

EPPA is an emergency physician owned and operated company with a Medical Scribe Program that includes 16 different locations throughout the Twin Cities and St. Cloud, Minnesota. Specialties include Emergency Medicine, Oncology, and Dermatology. EPPA maintains strong relationships with all of our health systems to ensure that our scribes get a consistent clinical experience across locations. Our diverse community of over 300 medical scribes continues to grow and support the future of healthcare.

Our Scribes

The EPPA Scribe Program has a reputation for creating exceptional medical scribes. Our Leadership team is dedicated to the innovation and expansion of the training and development of our scribes. Our paid training program includes classroom, online, and 1:1 clinical training with regular feedback and support. Although previous clinical experience is encouraged, it is not required as all of the necessary training to become a scribe is provided by EPPA. Our goal is to foster an engaging learning environment for scribes. We pair scribes one-on-one with different providers (MD/DO, PA, NP) for each shift to allow for a diverse scribing experience.

Your Goals

At EPPA we understand that scribes will not remain scribes forever. Being a medical scribe is typically a 12-18 month stepping stone experience before professional school. EPPA offer numerous resources including workshops, and individual opportunities, free of cost, for the personal and professional development of each of our scribes. Each year, over half of our scribes leave to pursue medical school or physician assistant (PA) school.