Program History

Program History

We began the Medical Scribe Program to better support our providers, patients, and healthcare systems while providing an outstanding experience for our scribes.

Since 2007, the EPPA Scribe Program has hired students and recent graduates to work as scribes in hospitals and clinics across Minnesota. Scribes work directly with physicians and mid-level providers (PAs and NPs). By managing the patient information within the electronic health record, scribes serve as efficiency multipliers for the medical team. Our program has grown to include a diverse community of over 350 scribes serving patients in large hospital and small clinical settings across Minnesota. Our leadership team is dedicated to the growth and innovation of our program and continues to expand into new markets.

EHR Expertise

Since inception, EPPA’s Scribe Program Medical Director, Dr. Michael Bryant has brought his extensive experience in EHR development and implementation to the EPPA Scribe Program. A former member of the Epic build team, Dr. Bryant has created multiple efficiency tools within Epic and has worked closely with multiple EHRs. He continues to bring this expertise in EHR innovation, operations management, and leadership to EPPA’s Scribe program.

The Ultimate in Clinical Experience

The scribe experience is recognized by medical and PA school admissions committees as a highly desirable experience. Over the years EPPA has watched thousands of pre-health students enter into medical school and PA programs across the United States. We take pride in our distinguished alumni and continue to work hard to prepare students for their professional careers.

Remote Scribing

In 2017 we began using remote scribes at some of our hospitals and clinics.  Working along-side a provider is no longer the only way scribes can assist providers . This innovative approach to scribing allows our scribes to gain a similar in-person experience during the patient-provider interaction while working remotely. Remote scribes assist providers with all of their documentation needs from a remote location using modern technology to allow for a similar experience had by an in-person scribe. EPPA assists hospitals who, without the existence of remote scribes, would be unable to utilize scribes due to rural locations.

Our remote scribes reside in our Bloomington corporate office and perform the same crucial documentation support for providers. The scribe is virtually present for the patient visit via an iPad or tablet that is brought into the room by the provider onsite. The scribe interacts with the provider, is introduced to the patient, visually monitors all aspects of the exam, and documents the electronic health records as if they were physically in the room. The scribe continues to interact with the provider post visit, only from an iPad instead of sitting next to them. Not only do our remote scribes work remotely, they are also scribing onsite at one of our emergency department locations in the Twin Cities.

Patient & Provider Experience 

EPPA introduced medical scribes as a way to resolve the immense issues associated with the adoption of an electronic health record system. Physicians were being asked to manage more and more critical patient information and compliance data in increasingly complex electronic records. These demands detracted from a provider’s ability to focus on quality patient interactions and limited their ability to see patients quickly.

With scribes, providers could spend more time doing what they’re trained to do, care for patients. At the same time, scribes brought more accurate, robust and timely documentation to the clinical environment. The benefits scribes deliver to patients, providers, and healthcare systems are immense and EPPA is proud to continue growing the highest quality scribe program.   

Program Growth                                 

Since 2007, EPPA has grown tremendously. We span multiple specialties including emergency departments, Urgency Rooms, orthopedics, oncology, dermatology, family practice clinics and more. 

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