Brand Ambassadors

Meet Our EPPA Scribe Brand Ambassadors

We have an amazing team that takes pride in the work they do and love spreading the word to others.  They want you to gain the benefits and knowledge they have! Learn more about each of them and the importance scribing has made in their continuing journey in medicine!  


Meet Jordan!
My name is Jordan and I'm a senior biochemistry major and Spanish minor at Bethel University! I chose EPPA because of its amazing group of doctors along with EPPA's numerous opportunities for pre-med students to get connected and receive help/advice along the journey. I have had an incredible time working with EPPA and wanted to become an ambassador because I know how much EPPA has helped me. I want other students to have those same opportunities and grow with the same great community!

Meet Lauren!
Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a senior at the Univerisity of St. Thomas. I am majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. For fun I love to travel! I chose to be an EPPA brand ambassador because I want to share how great this experience is for pre-health students -including aiding in getting invaluable clinical hours. I think medical scribing is one of the best things I have done to prepare myself for PA school.


Meet Cole!
My name is Cole from Green Bay, WI and I am a fourth-year pre-med biomedical engineering student. I chose to join the EPPA team so that I could gain invaluable experience observing and documenting the patient-physician encounter. I am a brand ambassador to show students that you don’t have to just be from a typical pre-med/pre-PA major to go pre-med/pre-PA and scribe! Anyone with a desire for medicine can become a scribe that hopefully propels you on your future career in medicine

Meet Chase! 
My name is Chase and I am a current biology major chemistry and community health minor at Bethel University. I plan on starting Bethels PA school this summer. EPPA has provided me with sufficient materials and knowledge to help propel me on my path in healthcare. Scribing is an amazing opportunity to learn medical terminology and see it put into use firsthand. I am proud to say EPPA has helped further my career in healthcare and continues to offer opportunities as I expand my knowledge of this vast area of study.

Meet Abigail!
My name is Abigail and I am a senior biology major at Bethel University and plan on applying to medical schools this cycle. I chose EPPA because of its history of getting scribes into medical and PA school. As a brand ambassador,  I want everyone to know the benefits of scribing and how much it has helped me. I've gotten to work 1:1 with many medical providers, learned medical terminology, and how to think like a doctor. It's an active approach to learning medicine, anyone interested in the medical field should do it!

Meet Abigail!
My name is Abigail and I am a junior at Bethel University. I work for EPPA because I am passionate about medicine and how we can use medicine to help and care for others. I’ve learned so much about the medical field through my time with EPPA and I’m an ambassador for the EPPA scribe program because I want others to gain the same valuable experience that I have. I get to watch cool procedures, talk one on one with doctors, and learn about new diseases and treatments every day.

Meet Lucy!
My name is Lucy and I am a junior at the University of Northwestern St. Paul. I chose to scribe with EPPA because I get the opportunity to shadow doctors and other healthcare professionals, build my medical terminology, and get to understand the thought processes of the providers as they treat medical professionals. As a brand ambassador, I get the chance to promote and share the educational opportunities scribing with EPPA has to offer the many aspiring health professionals looking to set themselves apart. 

Meet Claire!
My name is Claire, and I’m a junior biology major at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities! I chose to become a scribe with EPPA because it provides pre-med students like myself with great continuing education courses that will help prepare me for my next steps! Scribing has been a great experience, and it has helped me gain confidence in my choice to be pre-med! As a brand ambassador, I am able to share this amazing opportunity with other pre-med students just like myself.

Meet Kealy!
My name is Kealy Johnson and I am a junior at the University of St Thomas. I’m majoring in exercise science and minoring in Catholic studies with the goal of going to medical school! I chose EPPA because I wanted to have an authentic experience in health care and have the opportunity to learn directly from physicians. I am really hoping to spread the word about scribing with EPPA further to pre-med and pre pa St Thomas students as I think it would be beneficial for anyone with the final goal of PA or medical school.

Meet Andrew!
My name is Andrew and I’m a senior at the U of M. I came in hopes of getting some inner-city ER experience and EPPA has provided me with exactly that. Scribes are exposed to a variety of aspects in medicine through the emergency room while building a relationship with providers and other scribes. I have been blown away with the exposure I’ve gotten and have learned so much that will serve me throughout my career. I am so passionate about this job, it’s an experience that every pre-health student should have!

Meet Bethlehem!
I’m Bethlehem and I'm from Ramsey, MN! I’m a senior biology/chemistry student on a pre-med track at the University of St. Thomas. I am involved in several clubs on campus and mentor students as well as being a brand ambassador for the EPPA scribe program. I chose EPPA because it has all the opportunities to get you connected with the future path you’re interested in. I'm shadowing doctors while getting an immense perspective of the medical world. Not to mention the EPPA team is amazing!

Meet Morgan!
Hey my name is Morgan and I am a senior studying neuroscience at The University of St. Thomas. EPPA goes above and beyond for their scribes. They understand the importance and value of helping us gain the necessary skills to do our job effectively while allowing us to be a part of the fast-paced medical field. They provide opportunities for us to learn and grow by providing scribe education sessions.  I want to spread the word about this amazing experience for anyone interested in the medical field!

Meet Connor!
My name is Connor and I am a senior at the University of Minnesota. I chose to scribe for EPPA because of the many benefits including opportunities to attend learning sessions for various emergency room situations. They also offer workshops for personal statements and interview preparation for graduate schools.  As a brand ambassador, I can spread the word about these extremely helpful opportunities for anyone interested in medicine or the medical field.  EPPA does its part to set you up for success!

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