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EPPA Scribes are a community like minded individuals that are passionate about ongoing learning and gaining an exceptional clinical experience. EPPA offers monthly education sessions, employee appreciation events, and ongoing learning to all Scribes.





 The EPPA Scribe Program and the providers I worked with truly cared about my future as a doctor and taught me more than I realized.  I attribute a large portion of my early success in medical school to what I learned as an EPPA Scribe!  

Ellen Papas
University of St. Thomas Graduate
EPPA Scribe 2014 - 2016
Current Medical Student, ACOM


 I worked alongside providers to help see patients while growing a deeper understanding and fascination for the practice of medicine. The experiences found, relationships forged, application resources offered to me, and leadership opportunities pursued during my time at EPPA have all been absolutely life-changing and completely invaluable in the impact they’ve had on my personal life and my overall application to medical school.  

Dan Jaeger
Hamline University Graduate
EPPA Lead Scribe 2014 – 2018
Current Medical Student, Tulane


Have fun with your coworkers, gain an invaluable experience in the medical field, and join EPPA's Scribe Community!

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