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When you work with Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA), you’re working with an organization that’s owned and operated by a group of physicians who are passionate about teaching and further advancing the future of medical scribes. Through innovative training and continuous education, the EPPA works tirelessly to hone the skills of medical scribes while expanding their experiences and contributions in hospitals across Minnesota. EPPA medical scribes are part of our hardworking culture that values mutual respect and camaraderie while delivering world-class assistance.

The EPPA Medical Scribe Program is an opportunity for you to further deepen your understanding of healthcare and processes within hospitals and clinics across Minnesota. You will learn of the value scribing brings to healthcare centers as well as establish a deeper practical understanding of clinical care through exposure to real-world experience. Bring your attention to detail and efficiency to emergency departments and outpatient centers across the Twin Cities and beyond. Medical and physician assistant (PA) schools highly value the depth of understanding and immense exposure our medical scribes receive. We understand that being a scribe is becoming common prehealth student experience, which is why we strive to establish the best experiences possible for our scribes so that you can get where you want to go. Our focus is your success as a scribe and beyond. Becoming a part of our medical scribe program sets a strong and impressive foundation for your career in the medical field.

What Is a Medical Scribe?

Physicians today are spending less time with patients due to the increased complexity of electronic medical records and the mounting bureaucracy of medicine. Because of this, patient experience and care is compromised. A medical scribe offers the perfect solution. By shadowing and providing hands-on assistance to a physician, EPPA medical scribes make it possible for patients to get back the time they need with their physicians. Since the introduction of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), there has been an incredible growth in clerical duties and documentation that need to happen when caring for a patient. Physicians were becoming so buried in paperwork and information processing that it was detracting from the amount of time they could devote to patient care and contact. When patient care and meaningful contact is diminished, hospitals can suffer as a repercussion of sinking patient satisfaction and care.

Without wanting to put the care and experience of the patient at risk—the opposite of what EHRs were created for—a solution was found in the role of medical scribes. Acting as an assistant to a physician, it’s an incredible experience that offers one-on-one collaboration and mentorship. EPPA scribes are expected to monitor test results, facilitate communication and expedite department workflow. In combination, these duties allow the provider to spend necessary time with each patient. We know how critical communication between doctor and patient is, which is why your role as an EPPA scribe is so important. 

Different Skills a Medical Scribe Needs

As an invaluable asset to EPPA’s providers, patients and hospital partners, you need to demonstrate a wide variety of crucial skills. Because you’ll be working closely with providers, a willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively with them is important. A medical scribe must also be organized and able to record a lot of information at once. Each scribe must have the ability to actively synthesize information from variable inputs (physician, patient, family, nurse, tech, past medical records) to build a comprehensive medical chart. 

In addition to needing to have the skills to efficiently and accurately construct a medical history and exam, EPPA scribes are also responsible for acquiring a lot of supplementary information. This information may include things like tracking down labs, gathering nursing notes and prior health records, and accruing results from lab work and radiology testing. A medical scribe will be handling “80 to 90 percent of the ancillary duties for providers,” which means it’s a role where efficiency and focus are pertinent to success.

The amount of help offered by a scribe is invaluable to providers and hospitals, which is why EPPA is proud to have Minnesota’s premier medical scribe program. Through increased efficiency, accuracy and care, the patient experience will only get better. Whether you work in an emergency room, standalone clinic, family practice or other healthcare environment, your work as a scribe will put you on the path to success toward your future healthcare career goals.

Why the Need for Medical Scribes Is Growing

The medical scribe industry is growing and there’s no end in sight. The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists estimates that 20,000 scribes were employed by the end of 2014—a number projected to grow to 100,000 by 2020. Or, in other terms, roughly one medical scribe for every seven physicians in the U.S. will be the norm. The medical scribe industry is far from a fleeting one.

The increased efficiency offered by the EPPA Scribe Program means a more efficient physician and hospital system. As the industry grows, studies are being conducted to quantify the benefits medical scribes bring to hospitals, and the results have been impressive. The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that physician productivity in a cardiology clinic was 10 percent higher when they had the help of a scribe. Benefits like that may mean boosts in revenue, improved patient satisfaction as they’ll be spending less time waiting while a physician makes notes, and even increased clinician satisfaction.

Being a part of the EPPA Scribe Program is a unique experience that can teach you much more through a hands-on experience than in a textbook. The immersive benefits offered make this a beneficial experience for those starting their medical careers, so apply to be an EPPA medical scribe today. Medical scribes are becoming a necessary and critical link in the healthcare chain, so don’t miss your opportunity to start now. 

Locations Where EPPA Scribes Work Across Minnesota:

Emergency Departments / Urgency Rooms

Allina Mercy Hospital

Allina Unity Hospital

CentraCare St. Cloud Hospital

Fairview Ridges Hospital, Burnsville

Fairview Southdale Hospital

North Memorial Medical Center

Maple Grove Hospital

Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital

The Urgency Room

Outpatient Centers

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center

Park Nicollet Oncology  

Park Nicollet Dermatology

TRIA Orthopedics

University of Minnesota Health


Being a scribe offers many benefits to participants:

  • Get invaluable clinical experience for health related professional pursuits
  • Receive letters of recommendation from practicing physicians
  • Observe and learn first hand as medical decision-making takes place
  • Experience the pride of being a real contributor to the future of healthcare
  • Have access to direct physician and healthcare staff interaction
  • Become a master of the electronic medical record

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"Being a part of a health care team as a scribe showed me the importance of respect, communication and teamwork. Now, as a provider, I use these skills every day and value all of the hard work each staff member (including my scribe) puts toward providing quality patient care." Samantha Frank, EPPA scribe '13-'14 and current EPPA Physician's Assistant.