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What Is a Medical Scribe?

A medical scribe is a position added to the healthcare team in order to improve provider efficiency, patient satisfaction of care, and healthcare system productivity, all while allowing for an invaluable experience for the scribe. With the transition to electronic health records (EHR), providers were being burdened with clerical duties to support increasing needs for documentation of the patient visit. This added responsibility was causing high provider burnout while diminishing the patient experience since providers needed to divide their attention between patients and documentation. When patient care and meaningful contact is diminished, hospitals and clinics can suffer as a repercussion of sinking patient satisfaction and care. Without wanting to put the care and experience of the patient at risk—the opposite of what EHRs were created for—a solution was found in the role of medical scribes.

The Role of a Scribe

A medical scribe works with providers (MD/DO, PA, NP) one-on-one accompanying providers into each patient encounter to support real-time documentation. Scribes enable providers to spend more time with patients and increase the efficiency of the department. An EPPA Scribe documents everything that occurs during the visit from start to finish; including the patient’s history, physical exam, patient outcomes, labs, imaging, and more. In return, Scribes become familiar with the workflow of medicine, medical decision process, medical terminology, and how different providers approach patient care. Our scribes are an invaluable asset for our providers, patients, and hospital/clinic partners alike.


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