Why Scribe?

Why Scribe?

Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA), is owned and operated by physicians who are passionate about the teaching and advancement of medical scribes. Through innovative training and continuous education, EPPA works tirelessly to hone the skills of scribes while providing an unprecedented clinical experience. EPPA medical scribes are part of a hardworking community that values the personal and professional development of individuals in support of their pursuit of professional school.

The EPPA Medical Scribe Program is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of medicine and the processes within healthcare teams. As part of the EPPA scribe team, you will establish a strong foundation for your career in the medical field.

EPPA Scribe Program

Our scribes are immersed into clinical medicine and patient care in real-time by working one-on-one with providers. Our scribes review patient clinical information to prepare for each shift, actively manage information during the patient encounter, and manage on-going imaging and laboratory results, in order to keep the medical team moving. They become familiar with countless cases and outcomes while supporting the healthcare team through electronic health record (EHR) documentation. Scribes are highly valued by providers due to the attention to detail and efficiency that they bring. They reduce the burden of documentation for providers while improving the accuracy and overall efficiency of the medical team.

With the direct access to healthcare professionals, EPPA scribes are building strong relationships with providers and understand the skills required to become a provider themselves. In addition, EPPA offers countless opportunities for personal and professional development including lectures, workshops, or mock interviews to further support your future in healthcare. Most EPPA scribes pursue medical school, PA programs, dentistry, PT/OT, or masters programs after their scribing experience. Medical and physician assistant (PA) program admissions highly value the depth of understanding and immense clinical exposure that our medical scribes receive. Our focus is in your success as a scribe and your future in healthcare.

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