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Expanding Excellence

If you are interested in bringing excellence to your organization and looking for a trusted partner in emergency medicine, let Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA) get you where you want to be.

EPPA is a physician-owned and led organization dedicated to providing the best emergency medical care. Our team of over 200 success-driven professionals work together to effectively navigate the ever-accelerating change in medicine, technology and healthcare. We are effective at driving and managing change for an overall more efficient and productive environment for our patients and partners alike.



A Culture of Standards

At EPPA we're driven by a culture that is focused on the success of our clinicians and the care they provide our patients and hospital partners. Our strong leadership consists of hospital medical directors, assistant medical directors, quality improvement mentors, and multiple physician management groups and development committees.  This support encourages our group to work together as a team on what we value most, providing excellence in emergency medicine.  We believe this support and focus generates satisfied, successful clinicians and an extraordinary group. 

We have superior relationships with our hospital partners and are continually challenging ourselves to provide the very best in emergency medicine for our patients and communities.


Committed to Quality

Our high standards stem from our extensive passion for quality.  

Our quality improvement efforts target issues essential to practicing emergency medicine including:

  • The appropriate triage and timely access to care for any person presenting to the emergency department with acute illness or injury.
  • The delivery of competent care based on current emergency medicine standards, along with the goal to continuously improve the standards and the practice of emergency medicine.
  • The delivery of cost-effective health care to our patients.
  • Maintenance or improvement of emergency medicine skills

If you are interested in the extensive experience and superiority our physician group can bring to your organization, we would love to hear from you.   Partner with EPPA


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