6 Common Traits of an EPPA Scribe

Posted by EPPA Scribe on Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Updated on: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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At EPPA, we know when we meet a great potential medical scribe. They usually have a culmination of the following traits as well as the intent to pursue professional school. It can be difficult to determine if being a medical scribe is right for you, so we have outline common traits that we see in our EPPA scribe team members. If you find yourself having a combination of the qualities below, look into scribing with EPPA we would love to have you join the team!

Planning on Applying to Professional School

At EPPA, we designed our scribe program to support everyone involved, especially our scribes. We specifically hire scribes who plan on applying to professional health program, whether that be medical school, physician assistant school, a Master’s of Public Health, or otherwise. Scribing is in-person clinical work experience that provides a baseline understanding of medicine and patient care. Medicine is a field of lifelong learning, and working as a scribe allows you to see hundreds, if not thousands, of different patient cases. EPPA supports our scribes through professional development workshops and ongoing clinical lectures in addition to their day to day scribe experience.

Familiarity with Medical Terminology

Having some prior exposure to medical terminology is always beneficial for scribes. You will not need to know every medical term in the books, but taking a Medical Terminology course in undergrad can be very helpful. Independently studying medical terminology online can also help you brush up on your vocabulary and proper spelling to ease your ability to scribe proficiently. EPPA does provide all new hires with medical terminology to review to ensure that our scribes have a baseline understanding when they begin clinical training.

Computer Savvy

The ability to smoothly navigate through computer software and programs is a vital skill for scribing. While working as a medical scribe you will use any number of electronic health record (EHR) systems. EPPA specifically uses EPIC, which plays as a host for 64% of America’s health records and is a major contributor to the workflow in most hospitals and clinics. All EPIC training is provided on the job through EPPA and will be a lifelong skill for your healthcare career.

Ability to Comprehend Medical Information

Medical Scribes are responsible for completing real-time documentation charting for providers during each patient visit. With patients and providers interacting, the scribe must pick up on the information that is being shared in a timely manner. Scribes gain the ability to synthesize information into a concise story within the EHR. With EPPA, we provide paid, in-person training to help support your initial training to ensure that you are able to chart effectively and correctly within the patient visit.

A Positive Attitude

Scribes are held to the same professional standards as providers and other healthcare professionals. Sometimes this includes long hours or stressful shifts. Having a positive attitude is paramount in your ability to remain focused on your work when faced with stressful situations such as patients with serious illnesses or trauma. Your attitude will not only improve your direct working conditions, but it will also positively impact those around you. Your attitude is contagious, be sure to bring a good attitude and willingness to work to each shift and every shift.

Hard Work & Dedication

Being a medical scribe requires a degree of hard-work and dedication to the role in order to be successful. Medical scribing is the best learning experience for pre-health professionals due to how it prepares you for your career in medicine. Not only do scribes get to experience working alongside providers, but they are also exposed to all aspects of medicine and patient care in a professional environment. Scribes must have a passion and dedication to their role in order to be successful. By dedicating your time to scribing, you will not only gain countless hours of clinical work experience, but you will also begin to understand medical terminology, differential diagnoses, provider’s approach to bedside manner, and much more.

Ready to be an EPPA Scribe?

EPPA is always hiring, apply online today to become a scribe! We offer a variety of scribe locations and are able to accommodate most preexisting activities and class schedules. If you are just starting your undergraduate career, check out our year by year guide to success when hoping to go to medical school.



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