Medical Scribing -Your Essential Pre-Health Experience

Posted by EPPA Scribe on Friday, February 23, 2018
Updated on: Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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Most pre-health students are looking for one thing on their pursuit of medicine: experience. 

At EPPA we know what types of experiences professional schools look for in applicants. Which is why the EPPA Scribe Program is determined to provide you with the tools, resources, and experiences to ensure that you’re prepared for the next step in your path to medicine. We strive to foster an environment where medical scribes gain a unique learning experience that transforms into a successful future in medicine.  

ImageYou will find our medical scribes across a number of different specialties including emergency medicine, family medicine, dermatology, oncology, orthopedics, endocrinology and nephrology. In each of these settings, scribing brings you closer to understanding the importance of the patient-provider relationship as it relates to each specialty while giving you the start to finish look at the medical decision making process and specialty specific clinical knowledge. The robust knowledge gained as a scribe will keep you ahead of the game in school and sets you apart from your peers when applying to professional school. For future medical, physician assistant (PA) or other health students, medical scribing is a must-have experience.

Whether you are interested in a specific specialty or simply gaining exposure to medicine in a variety of specialties, EPPA is eager to help you gain the best medical scribing experience Minnesota has to offer. EPPA scribes have flexible schedules whether they are still in school or taking a gap year, which allows them to support many local hospital emergency departments, Urgency Rooms, and outpatient clinics around the clock. Each location, whether you are in the Twin Cities metro or St. Cloud, boasts an extensive range of illnesses and injuries for scribes to see first-hand while supporting their provider’s documentation.

Working along-side a provider is no longer the only way scribes exist at EPPA. In addition to the traditional clinic or emergency department setting, we now provide telescribing services. This innovative approach to scribing allows our scribes to gain a similar in-person experience during the patient-provider interaction while working remotely. Telescribes assist providers with all of their documentation needs from a remote location using modern technology to allow for a similar experience had by an in-person scribe. EPPA assists hospital who, without the existence of telescribes, would be unable to utilize scribes due to rural locations. Image

Our telescribes reside in our Bloomington corporate office and perform the same crucial documentation support for providers. The scribe is virtually present for the patient visit via an iPad or tablet that is brought into the room by the provider onsite. The scribe interacts with the provider, is introduced to the patient, visually monitors all aspects of the exam, and documents the electronic health records as if they were physically in the room. The scribe continues to interact with the provider post visit, only from an iPad instead of sitting next to them. Not only do our telescribes work remotely, they are also scribing onsite at one of our emergency department locations in the Twin Cities.

If you are interested in a future in medicine or plan on applying to professional school it’s time to consider the essential pre-health experience: medical scribing.

Join the EPPA Scribe Program and gain the ultimate clinical experience now.

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