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A Day as a Scribe ...My Usually Unusual 6 AM Shift

Posted by Becky Leagjeld on March 21, 2017 11:46 AM
My Usually Unusual 6 AM Shift.04: 30: alarm goes off. (snooze)04:35 (snooze)04:40 (snooze, yet again).04:50 only 20 minutes until I have be out the door... (snooze).05:00 okay, I'm up...I'm up. I get out of bed and head for the shower.  I get my...Read More

Our Scribe Blog is Here!

Posted by Becky Leagjeld on March 15, 2017 03:23 PM
We thought it was only fitting to publish our very first blog entry during Match Week.  We know there are so many of you out there right now anxiously awaiting the Friday's results.  We want you to know that at EPPA, we get it, we know what...Read More

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