Event FAQs

Event FAQs

What type of events does EPPA attend?

You’ll find the EPPA Scribe Program at many different college recruitment events across Minnesota and Wisconsin. These events range from career fairs, pre-health club visits, employer information tables, on-campus interviews, and special events. The majority of these events are scheduled by college or university Career Services offices and are only open to students at the respective institution. If you have questions regarding a specific event, please contact us.

Can anyone attend an event?

Employer tables are placed in student common areas and anyone may come up to speak with an EPPA representative. Events hosted by college or university career services usually require student attendees to register through their career services, however there are usually no restrictions on which students can or cannot attend. For pre-health club visits, students usually need to be a member with the club, to learn more information about if/when EPPA is presenting.

Are these events free of cost?

Most of the events that EPPA attends are free of cost to students, however it is dependent on the college or university career services. Please contact your respective career services with questions. Pre-health clubs may have membership fees. However, employer tables, on-campus interviews, and special events are usually free of cost to attendees 

Do I need to be in a pre-health major program to attend?

No! We meet and hire students from a wide variety of undergraduate majors. We like to make ourselves an available resource at events for students who are still deciding whether or not a career in healthcare is the right path for them.

I’m a Pre-Health Club member interested in having EPPA present at a meeting:

The EPPA Scribe Program is always happy to attend your club meeting to present. For more information on our availability and the types of events we bring to club meetings, contact us!

I’m a current EPPA Scribe and am looking for internal events:

For current employees we offer monthly education sessions and professional development workshops throughout the year. If you are a current EPPA employee looking for an events schedule, please email us for more information.

I’m not an EPPA Scribe, but I’m interested in your professional development workshops:

Our Leadership Team has taken the time to develop a series of personal and professional development workshops including personal statement, application, and interview workshops to benefit our scribes on their pursuit of professional school. Unfortunately, these events are reserved for current employees only. Similar products may be found online, but can be costly. Access to our free professional development workshops is one of the many benefits of being an employee with EPPA. Interested in learning more? Apply now!

Event Descriptions:

Career and Job Fairs
Career fairs are a great resource for students who are still exploring a variety of career options. Career fairs allow students to discover career opportunities while meeting with organization representatives. Career fairs are typically open to students in all years of school, but tend to be most beneficial to upperclassman. Most colleges and universities now offer career fairs specific to healthcare and pre-health students.

If you’re a student who’s planning to apply to a professional health program, find EPPA at your next career fair to learn more about how medical scribing can benefit you. 

Club Meetings
EPPA is always interested in speaking to pre-health student clubs on different health related topics. We have a list of unique events and presentations that are aimed at benefiting your pre-health group. We also have access to our physicians and advanced practicing clinicians (PA/NP) for specialized presentations. For more information about the types of presentations we bring to student groups,
email us!

Employer Information Table

Employer Information Tables are an informal way to learn more about the EPPA Scribe Program by speaking with an EPPA representative. You’ll find us hosting an employer table at your college or university each semester, typically during the hours of 10:00am – 2:00pm. We will provide information about our program and always have some additional collateral and giveaways. Information tables are a great opportunity to speak with current EPPA scribes between classes, or to quickly stop by for some information on the go. No registration required, simply refer to our events list for dates and locations!

On and Off Campus Interviews
At EPPA we understand that it can be hard to find the time and/or transportation necessary to interview for a potential position. We offer on-campus interviews for students during the semester for a convenient way to interview to become a medical scribe with EPPA. We take care of reserving a room on campus and ask that you apply online before scheduling an interview! On-campus interviews are conducted once or twice per academic semester, however we are always interviewing at our corporate office! Interested in becoming a medical scribe?
Apply Online!  


EPPA is always interested in partnering with schools and programs to better prepare students like you for a successful future in health care. If you are interested in one of our events or would like to have  EPPA visit your organization or pre-health club contact us, we would love to work together!


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