Whether you’ve already received services from one of our board-certified emergency physicians and staff or have billing questions before you go to the emergency room, we’re here to help.

Please contact with any questions based on your date of service:

Patient Dates of Service PRIOR to September 1st, 2020:  612-438-2564

Patient Dates of Service September 1st to Present:  952-960-2850 

Pay Your Bill

If you are looking to pay your bill, you can pay online or set up a payment plan:

Date of Service BEFORE September 1st, 2020

Date of Service ON/AFTER September 1st, 2020

Health Records

You have the right to see information in your health record.  Your health record includes your medical history, health insurance information and how to contact you.

It is the duty of EPPA to ensure that your record remains confidential and is maintained and released in accordance with applicable laws. 

EPPA is the custodian of billing records for professional services only.  Please contact the hospital directly for requests for all other records.

For more information and to obtain access to your records click here.


EPPA Compliance Policies for Patients

EPPA Notice of NonDiscrimination 

EPPA Taglines for Discrimination Notice

EPPA Notice of Privacy Practices